– James lift his shirt and flashing his boxer and shouted ‘ girls will drool over my sexy ass ‘ ……

– Joe stands , glance around and let out a long deep sigh……..

– Marcus ruffle his hair with a blank look in his face. The girl opposite him totally ……

– Sex involves different people…..

– Everything that appear in the mirror seems to have some movement ……

– Something pop up in my internet safari that nearly make me puke …… 

– The door suddenly brust open ……

– Tears roll down and  ……

– Tim leap and claw like some retarded child ……

– Jordans’ dad say to John ‘ don’t you have the money to cut ur hair ? i can spare you 10dollars . ‘   

– Janes’ mind is in a  blank when guys start to rant about …….

– Ben had a sadistic look engrave to his face …… 


One Response to “12OPENERS”

  1. 1 theredpants

    I like your openers, especially 4, 5 and 10. Good job. Number 8 is not an opener though, it’s an incomplete sentence.

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