About Myself

I’M LIN YINGSI ALEXIS =) so a super duper hyper little girl always crapping around like nobody business . so this is kind of created for the storytelling thingy . i’m in DVFX which is a very COOL course that have ony 30ppl and i’m one of the lucky few who got into this course .  If u need my student no. is s10063299g ! T1DB is my tutorial group! i love every single of my classmates of obviously . NP’s SCH OF FMS is really cool with the MCM;FSV;DVFX peeps =) so anymore stuffs about me ? like what i like ? I LOVE EVERYTHING ; nothing really in particular . join like 6CCAs ? ICESKATING; INSKATING; NRA hiphop; PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB & others . WOOHOOO!! i love to eat alot so peeps who are reading this ? catch me out for lunchie ! is this getting alittle bored around here ? AAHHHH give comments on my post OKAY ? LOVE YOU GUYS . 


One Response to “About Myself”

  1. 1 magistert

    Seriously hyper sia u… 6CCAs? gosh i dun even got the strength for 1…

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