Letter to the past

Dear friend,

Even though we are still in contact now, I can feel the distance between us has drifting far apart. I seriously have no idea why our friendship would turn so sour, even though we have gone through good and bad times together.

Thinking about the past, we have really come through lots of hell to become best friends or even soul mates through our secondary school years. I remember we were friends in secondary one and enemies in secondary two and friends again in secondary three till secondary four. This is what friends are like in secondary school right? All the childish friendship problems that we ever been through. Looking back, I really think it was so childish and immature of us.

All the way, I have been thinking, “is it because of your character or attitude that make you treat your friends ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ at times?” Times that we can be so close in meeting each other everyday and having heart to heart conversations till the wee hours. But then sometimes we would just not meet for like a week and I could never ever contact you.

During the holidays after our O’levels were the days I really enjoyed. Days that we went out together to walk, talk and shop. Watching movie either at theaters or renting DVDs to your house to watch overnight.

Things turned haywire when we entered poly, even though it’s just merely 5 weeks but we have drifted so much. It is like, do I even know you or understand you. Does it always happen when a person meet new friends and have a change of environment? Although we are in the same polytechnic, I can hardly meet you for lunch. I know your course demands a lot from you but still……………

If in the past we were always on good terms and never quarreled, would everything be different now? As in even when we meet new friends, we can always still be best friends. I don’t know if you feel the same way as me. But I just want you to know, that I really do not want to lose you as a friend, ever.

With love.


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