Number 1 target at Lot1 shopping mall’s Macdonals : 

[Lee Yu Lian Elaine @ 15 Dunearn Cl]

A pretty young girl at the age around 16-18 . She look very skinny and thin at around the weight of 42kg at the height of 162cm. Long rebonded hair, eyes with colour contacts and of course make ups on.  Wearing a white plain tube with a super short jean material shorts and flip-flops from billabongs . She wore a very sweet star shaped necklace on her bare neck and what caught my eyes were the number of bangles she wore on both her hands. There are sure more then ten on both side of her hands , some of different thickness and designs . She was with another friend of hers and yeah they start bitch-ing about some friends of theirs i think , you know , endless gossips …. They ate their MacNuggets meal and seems to be  enjoying each other company .


Number 2 target at ourspace@72 

[Lim Hwai Ngun Gary = Blk 553 Jurong West St 42 #05-309]

A average looking guy carrying a white backpack. Wearing white t-shirt with black skinny . His hair are way too long for a guy . i mean i always love guys with stylish hair-dos but this guy is totally out . His hair makes him look like a girl . His fringe were his long sides that he pull across his face, to my opinion, totally gross. He has small tiny eyes and thin lips.  He is quite short and too skinny and the whole body look very weak , this make him look even female . He sit down with few of his friends and took out his laptop . Could not see what is he doing with his laptop as the screen was not facing at me but some of his friends were playing DOTA . Oh , he look like those emo type and skateboarding type . He stay at ourspace@72 for as long as i could remember . 


Story :

It was the first day of school and Elanie was walking along the pavement to NP. It happen that Gary was also walking along that same pavement . Elanie somehow send a glare to Gary as the image of Gary’s hair being all over his face was so disgust to her. Gary of course happen to catch the glare . Running in Gary’s mind , he was thinking ‘ why must this ah lian stare at me for man, dressing like a stupid bitch ‘ scanning the girl from top to toe .  



One Response to “PEOPLE WATCH”

  1. 1 theredpants

    Good descriptions – maybe a little more in depth thought about their behaviour might be nice to have.

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